Hire a team of experts for your swimming pool fill in; Atlanta specialists from Georgia Demolition Contractors have the experience and know-how to complete your project under budget. If you have an old pool on your property or a swimming pool that has out-lived its usefulness, give us a call to discuss options for demo and fill-in. We make pool jobs 100% safe to put other buildings on top of, so you can reclaim your outdoor square footage by hiring us to perform a fill-in. Costs are relatively inexpensive compared with the results achieved. Give us a call at 470-524-7452 for more details.

Q: Is there a difference between a pool fill-in and a pool removal?

A: There's quite a difference between the two:

  1. Pool fill-in involves removing the top portion of the pool, using it as part of the fill-in, along with backfilling with any combination of gravel, dirt, and/or topsoil.
  2. Pool removal involves demolishing the pool in its entirety, performing debris haul-off and clean-up, and filling in and compacting the area to ensure a level surface when completed. Speak with our residential & commercial demolition contractors for details.

Q: Which is better- pool fill-in or removal?

A: There are pros and cons that come with each method. A fill-in is cheaper but may involve complications. Complete pool removal costs more and takes longer than a fill-in, but may be the best option for increasing your property value. We are the best in the business to take on your home or commercial site demolition project.

Q: How much does a swimming pool fill in in Atlanta cost?

A: Costs can vary significantly from job to job, and will depend on the size of your pool, the location and obstacles, the pool's materials, and which contractor you hire. Discuss costs with our team when you call us regarding residential and commercial property demolition services, including swimming pool fill-in..

Q: What are the benefits of getting rid of a pool?

A: If you've grown tired of maintaining your pool, paying for supplies to manage the water, or no longer use your pool, you may have plans for the piece of property that the existing pool is sitting. In this case, a fill-in or pool removal will allow you to achieve new objectives with your outdoor space. Our list of home and commercial demolition services is long, and includes full demo for pools of all sizes.

Q: Can I fill in a residential swimming pool on my own?

A: A DIY pool fill-in or removal is unwise, particularly due to the many different processes that are required throughout the project. You would need to own the right heavy equipment and have expertise in a wide range of demolition methods to carry out the job correctly. It's far better- and often more affordable- to contact a professional demo company like ours when you're planning a pool removal or fill-in.

Q: How do I get started?

A: It's easy to get your pool project on our schedule when you call Georgia Demolition Contractors. Provide some basic information about your pool, such as it's size, location, any trees or obstacles we would need to deal with, and when you want the project completed and we'll provide you with a free estimate and additional resources and information for you to consider. When you're ready, give our residential, commercial, and industrial demolition company a call at 470-524-7452.

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