Specialty Coatings

Many sites require commercial specialty coatings.



Many commercial sites require industrial, marine, or commercial specialty coatings, especially when it comes to re-coating metal. Suncoast Pros Painting specializes in identifying the specific needs of each project. We match the particular metal with the exact method of cleaning, prepping, priming and coating engineered to last the longest. At Suncoast Pros we are capable of removing coatings with a variety of methods including sand, vapor or soda blasting to best fit your needs. This creates an original surface to work from to provides a factory finished look as well as extending your warranty.


Industrial and Electrostatic

We revive and renew old, powder-coated balcony railings, handrails and any type of corroded metals that require painting. We offer our Electrostatic and HVLP coating methods that provide a 90% product transfer rate to the substrate. This type of application provides a longer lasting finish coating and reduce cost overtime.