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Having the right packaging is a key success factor regardless of the industry in which you operate. World-class packaging will allow you to properly preserve your products, and it will also help you attract the attention of your customers in your target markets. However, many of the packaging solutions offered on the market provide standardized equipment that does not take into account the different characteristics of each industry.

That's why you should prefer top-line companies like The Packline Co. to serve your packaging and fulfillment needs. Throughout our 70+ years of experience, we have gained knowledge of the particularities of each industry in the Michigan area. That's why we can provide customized solutions, tailored to each customer's specific need. You should know the different markets where you can purchase the best pallet stretch wrapping machine and other packaging equipment tailored to your needs.

Get to Know the Different Industries We Serve at The Packline Co.


We design fully automated and customized systems for the different production and logistics sectors of your automotive company. Our goal is that your semi-finished and finished products are protected at all stages until they reach the final buyer. Whether you need the best pallet stretch packaging or any other solution, we are with you.


Michigan is proudly the fifth largest industrial park in the USA. In this sea of industries cohabit a variety of companies with different packaging needs. At The Packline Co., we can adapt to each specific need for packaging products and services. Whether you need top stretch machine wrap film, automatic stretch wrap machines, or any other solution we will get you covered.

Contract Packing

We serve the best companies that provide contract packaging services. We have the best equipment and solutions to make a contract packaging warehouse run smoothly, and take care of all their clients easily.


We have the best solutions to make your products stand out from your competitors with our branded packing services. Also, we offer the best solutions to package and protect your products and maintain your good image to your growing clientele.

Steel and Other Metals

We serve the most prominent companies in Michigan's successful metals industry. We have fully automatic pallet wrappers and other highly durable equipment, highly needed in these companies.


We have the best solutions for you to properly preserve the food you produce, maintaining its freshness and nutritional properties. We achieve the best alternatives, thanks to our vast experience accumulated in so many years working in the sector.

Food & Beverage

From the best pallet wrapping machine to fully automated solutions for your production lines, we have it all. Make your products maintain their quality, extend their shelf life, and make them shine on the shelves with us.


We have the know-how to offer and implement packaging lines that maintain the integrity of equipment, drugs, and different pharmaceuticals that need to be treated with the utmost caution. We also take into account every specific need each of your medical products may have.

Rely on the Experts

Let the best in the packaging industry take your operations to the next level. At The Packline Co., we are ready to provide you with the ideal materials and equipment solution for your products. No matter your industry, we are your ideal partner. Contact us and shop our automation and equipment products, packaging materials, or contract our services.

Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine
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