You’re shopping for a misting fan for patio use; let Cool-Off product specialists help you choose the right product for your patio. If you don’t spend enough time enjoying your outdoor spaces in the summertime, you’re like a lot of our customers at Cool-Off. The good news is, you don’t have to avoid the heat or the sun’s UV rays; our misting systems will help you beat the heat, and they come in all shapes and sizes, with the ideal set-up for your patio available within your price range. Browse our inventory to find an outdoor misting fan or call our helpline to speak with us now.

The Best Misting Fans on the Market

Cool-Off is your one stop source for outdoor misting supplies and misting fans for patio areas. Our Additional 26” Oscillating Misting Fan with Stainless Ring is in stock and ready to ship out immediately, and the price is just $245, about half of what you would find at another supplier’s website. Key features include:

  • Steel construction
  • 3 speeds with pull chain
  • Outdoor rated with totally enclosed motor
  • 1/4 HP motor
  • Oscillating 90 degrees
  • 2 year warranty

If you’re looking for a very affordable way to keep your patio cooled off during the heat of the day, our Additional misting fan is the best way to go. Never use an indoor fan to accomplish what only an outdoor misting fan was designed to do; our fans are safe to use in your patio environment.

Cost-Effective Misting Fans For Sale

Our Additional 14” High-Pressure Misting Fan With Nozzle is priced right and able to be mounted from an overhead location to lightly mist your family & guests when spending time in your patio. Misting fans mimic the feel of a cool breeze, even during the hottest days and most intense hours of the day. You’ll find additional information on our website when you click on ‘Misting Systems’ and choose ‘Fans’ from the menu.

Mid-Size Misting Fan For Patio Use

If our 26” misting fan is too large for your patio, you may find that our 18” High Pressure Misting Fan is ideal for your backyard space, and because it’s fully customizable, you can enjoy a number of settings to better meet your needs. Give your family a reason to spend time in the great outdoors- and guests another reason to come over for a cookout. Cool-Off can help you reclaim your outdoor spaces that were once lost to summer heat.

If you need help finding the right product, our team at Cool-Off will be happy to help. Call for customer service at 800-504-6478 to get hold of us immediately. Use the ‘Ask the Experts’ link to send us an email communication or reach us by snail mail- know that we are here to help in every circumstance. Don’t wait until the heat of the summer has you feeling like you’re imprisoned in your own home, get set up for next summer with quality misting fans, misters, and misting accessories from Cool-Off.