About Us

Our Vision

Our company will forge an unbreakable foundation of integrity and continually demand the best from ourselves and the delivery of our services.

Our focus as a company is first from within, promoting and developing the best trained staff in the industry. As a leading licensed contractor, Suncoast Painting is dedicated to its employees and focuses on establishing a meaningful workplace culture based on the company’s core values and principles. Our dedication and passion to our employees and clients are built on three key factors: continually cultivating our employees, quality to the customers without exception, and strong capital management.

Our Core Values

  1. Safety - Safety comes first. Do not take shortcuts.

  2. Attitude - Be humble, positive, passionate and determined.

  3. Individual Growth - Be organized and detail oriented. Continue to pursue growth and learning.

  4. Integrity - Your word is your bond. Punctuality and responsibility is paramount.

  5. Customer Service - Deliver exceptional service every time. Quality is everything.